Frequent questions

After reading all the items (questions and answers), you can find your answers in the (About us) section.
Espino is a registered company in US, You can find our company in the list under the registered
file number: 4165852 or search company name : ESPINO LLC click here for check
Our initial fund to start the project without your investment is 2 million dollars, so our team does not need to balance the site. Espino Company will expand its field of activities with your investment, which will lead to increased profitability for you and the company. As a result, if the site balance is even negative, the project will continue to work because Espino Company is not a Ponzi project and is completely an investment company and the site balance will not determine the life of Espino site.
The only help users can make for the project is NOT to invest in Perfect Money currency. Because converting this currency to other currencies has a relatively high fee and cost for our company, the best currency you can choose to invest in is Tether TRC20.
Our vision for the Espino project is 13 to 15 years.
You need a valid email to become a member. Click here to register.After registration, a verification link will be sent to you. If the link is not in your inbox, please check your spam.
In the Edit Account you can do this. Please Note that after adding the wallet address, an email will be sent to you to confirm it, which contains a code. After entering the code, your wallet will be added.
Yes, you can change your wallet address, but note that after changing the address, an email will be sent to you to confirm this.
You can’t change or edit the email you specified when you signed up for a personal account, so pay attention while registering.
Each user is allowed to have only one account on our site. If we realize this, we will consider a suspended for the user for 5 months.Please note that we will never block a user account.
The minimum amount is different based on our plans:
$25 for 3 months.
$25 for 6 months.
$1,000 for 9 months
Profit of 3 months is 18% in 3 months (6% / every 30 days)
Profit of 6 months is 42% in 6 months (7% / every 30 days)
Profit of 9 months is 72% in 9 months (8% / every 30 days)
We receive Tether (TRC20).
Yes, you can deposit for example Tether (TRC20), and in the Exchange section, turn it into Perfect Money and make your withdrawal.
Perfect Money deposits are credited immediately to your account after completing the transaction from the deposit page. Cryptocurrency transactions for deposits need more time than the 2 mentioned above. They all require at least 5 blockchain confirmations before they are then added to your balance account
Benefits are on calendar day.
In 3 months every 30 days (for 90 days)
In 6 months every 30 days (for 180 days)
In 9 months every 30 days (for 270 days)
The Minimum amount for withdrawal for TRC20 is $1 . There is no maximum limit for withdrawal.
We do not process withdrawals instantly. It takes 30 minutes to 3 working days
There is no withdrawal fee
It takes 30 minutes to 3 working days
Yes, we have an affiliate program and it is one level
Our referral program works as below:

1- For 3 months plans user will get 0.5 percentage at first.
2- For 6 months plans users will get 0.25 % each month .
3- For 9 months plans users will get 0.5 each month .

please note that you will get your referral commission, monthly as your referral get his/her monthly profit (you can set RCB percent in your edit account)
No, you must have At least an active deposit on the site.
To get a referral Commission, you need to be an active investor. To do this, you need to invest a minimum deposit.

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